Attention Attention Attention!

Due to the actions of a select few small minded individuals, the domain name is (obviously) no longer affiliated with the group that holds the callsign (this once prosperous group does not deserve to be named here).

Contrary to the belief of the same group of small minded individuals, this domain is owned and operated by VA3DXV, and will continue to be.

I'm not sure why none of them were smart enough to figure this out. They're well aware that I was the sole designer and administrator of the groups website. I'm also the one who's been paying for it, so if someone thinks they're somehow entitled to it, I have 10 years worth of related domain fees that say otherwise.

The very public actions of these few individuals have prevented me from turning this domain over to the group. I'm not willing to contribute anything to a group whose sole remaining reason for existence is to drag the name of a friend and fellow ham through the mud with delusional accusations. Actions which have been taking place continuously for the last 4 years. Any group that 1) allows such libelous content on their "website" for so long (not to mention the horrid design and poor english), and 2) accepts members who make slanderous comments about other hams on the air, does not deserve anyones attention, time or money.

That being said, if you're looking for a group that welcomes everyone, does not play politics, and is very enthusastic about promoting the amateur radio hobby, then click here to be redirected.

If you're not interested in any of that, and you love paranoia, delusion, and bullshit, you might be more interested in this stupidity from one of the nutjobs involved.


If you're not into any of that stuff, here's a puppy... everyone likes puppies.